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"Mum Fit Wonder" restarts Park workouts


Every Thursday Mum Fit Wonder are hitting the park to workout with their little ones!

Click the link below to contact and get involved.

Woodland Trust sends Out Reach Advisor


The Woodland Trust sent an outreach advisor to help us with our Woodland Management plan for Mother Kittys Shaw, and to look at all the trees in the park.

The knowledge and advice we got from this was brilliant - and the Woodland trust have helped us make a plan.

The goal is to improve the health of the woodland, and ensure it continues to be is accessible and enjoyed by all.

We will do a full article shortly on the benefits of it to our community and what we can do to enhance it.

Hoping to plant some trees to replace windfall and storm damaged trees - we even found some self seeded saplings to help this work! (and they are obviously free!!!)

Woodland Trust Website

Friends of Rickman Hill Park join Association of Croydon Conservation Societies 

April 2022

ACCS is an umbrella group for organisations concerned with nature conservation in Croydon. Formed over 30 years ago it represents the interests of member groups on nature conservation, wildlife habitats and open space issues. They provide a forum within which our groups can share matters of concern or obtain advice and assistance. ACCS monitor, examine and comment upon town planning policies and proposals as well as planning applications that affect open space or nature conservation. The expertise and knowledge of our members provides a vital pool of information that can be used to obtain a picture of what is or what might be happening within Croydon.

They have a great relationship with many linked communities, charities and the Council and other relevant bodies.

Already we have found the meetings great to support our committee with ideas, resource and to discuss challenges and are very glad we subscribed to this group!


Time to measure up! - How old are our trees?

April 2022

You might of thought we were off tree hugging if you'd off seen the small team out measuring trees in the park!

We mapped and measured all the large trees, and carried out some basic observations and records in line with guidance from the Woodland Trust.

This is the first step in creating our woodland management plan which we hope to use to focus our efforts in the future.

Oh - and our oldest trees are 340 years old - planted when Charles the second was King!

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Spring Clean 

13th March 2022

We organised a work party to clear litter and overgrown holly and brambles before spring really sprung.

Over 40 people of all ages with hand tools and litter picking equipment came to help - we cleared Mother Kitty’s Shaw (our ancient woodland) opening up all the overgrown paths removing holly and brambles - and litter picked the whole 16 acres pulling in a mass of bags (38!!)

The Friends of Rickman Hill Park cannot thank the community enough - definitely will have another work party with a few more focused tasks!

Thank you to all that took part - it’s amazing the achievement in such a short time with so many people involved.

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A few questions we put to our local Councillor Mario Creatura 

March 2022

We are huge fans of Rickman Hill Park. What do you love about it? 

Where do I start? First off, it’s a really good size for the community. The football pitch is perfect for regular use, the playground is great for youngsters, and there’s plenty of space for dogs (and the odd human) to run about. 

But I have to say my favorite bit is Dotty’s Tea Garden. Originally a cricket pavilion, this once neglected building has been transformed into a wonderful tea room. It just goes to show how with a bit of imagination we can give a new lease of life to tired local facilities. If you’ve not yet visited, then please give them a try!  

What do you think are the biggest issues facing Rickman Hill Park? 

Rickman Hill park is a wonderful space, which is why it needs to be constantly protected and cared for by the community.  

We all know that Croydon Council has been going through what could charitably be described as a difficult patch, and so regrettably it seems their priority is not looking after Coulsdon and the services local people rely on. That’s why we all need to work together to keep Coulsdon – and specifically Rickman Hill Park - the special place that it is. 

The Friends of Rickman Hill are exactly the kind of vehicle to do that. A group of passionate residents coming up with creative ideas, keeping an eye on the park, and flagging issues so we can work together to rectify them.  

The Friends of Rickman Hill was set up by local people wanting to protect and to improve our local recreation ground. If you had a magic wand, what would you do to help the park thrive? 

I’d want more people to use the park, and get involved with the Friends of Rickman Hill! I’ll always be pushing the Council to do its job, like regularly cutting the grass, but for me what’s more essential is that more people to come up with events and initiatives to bring the park back to life after the pandemic. 

We have this incredible green space right in the heart of our community, it’s time we used it to its full potential! So if you’ve got any ideas, don’t keep them to yourself – i urge everyone to get involved and start making them happen. 

What’s your message to Coulsdon residents thinking about getting involved with the Friends of Rickman Hill Park? 

My message would be: what are you waiting for?! 

Our community can only flourish if lots of us get involved in making different bits of it the best that it can be. There’s so much you could do: perhaps join one of our great Residents’ Associations or set up a Neighbourhood Watch on your street? You could get involved with one of the many phenomenal local charities or help support local traders with events like Yulefest. There’s something for every interest and for every level of commitment. 

I hope lots of you will be getting involved with the Friends of Rickman Hill Park – and I look forward to seeing you at park events in the very near future! 

Mario Creatura, Councillor for Coulsdon Town 

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Coulsdon West Residents Association support Friends of Rickman Hill Park

Feb 2022

The CWRA Committee were delighted with the Friends of Rickman Hill's proposed plans and pledged a donation to ensure that the Friends can get off to a flying start, Chair Richard Walker said, "Rickman Hill Park is such a great asset to all of our residents, it seems such a great idea to try and protect and improve it for everyone, especially our future generations.  We wish the group all the best for the future!"
You can find out more info on Coulsdon West Residents Association here.

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From Idea to Reality: The Evolution of Friends of Rickman Hill Park

Jan 2022

After lock down saw the parks popularity and litter surge, then followed an invasion of caravans - it seemed ideal to start this project!

Lots of ideas flowing and meetings  have followed, the inception of a facebook group - and survey questions. 

Finally after some legwork we are Council approved, and ready really to get going.

New benches anyone?

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