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Aspirations, ideas and projects

We'd love to deliver all this and more but Rickman Hill Park wasn't built in a day!

Some of these ideas are quick wins, some are longer term goals - others require massive fundraisers and some might even cause controversy. This is just a taster of some of the suggestions made to us.

The Friends Committee have a few ideas that we are keen on, and a priority list; however that is already changing  depending on what resources arise and challenges that come out as we progress.

If you have any ideas big or small we would love to hear them - and if you want to discuss ideas we have suggested then great.

Please note this list is not in any particular order. Its a wish list and something to aspire too! 

Notice board.JPG

Notice board 

A great park needs a communication hub - good old fashioned posters and notices... lost a cat? looking for a football team? crossfit? walking football?!  If its on the park it should be on the notice board! We all agree we need one!



More bins - and in better places!

We have bins but they could possibly be better sited and maybe a few more near more popular benches - we want the best rubbish reputation!

Kids at Playground


Improvements on every level.

New toys and perhaps a section for older children would be great - but even some better safety flooring and all weather ground under the zip line would be a start - nobody wants a muddy splash!


Trim trail

Many people use the park as a great space to train or improve fitness.

A Trim trail could be laid around the border with stations for all ages and abilities to challenge themselves.

Nearly two thirds of our facebook group said they would like to see adult fitness options at the park!


Outdoor gym

Are these outdoor gyms fantastic or try to be all things to all people and miss?

Gym goers seem to think they are too easy/light and others are scared of the machines... some parks they are busy equipment others not so...
We would love your feedback!

Nearly two thirds of our facebook group said they would like to see adult fitness options at the park!


Green Flag Status

The Green Flag Award® scheme recognises and rewards well managed parks and green spaces, setting the benchmark standard for the management of recreational outdoor spaces across the United Kingdom and around the world.

It is achievable, and a gives us a measured set of goals to work towards. 

Feilds in Trust.jpg

Fields In Trust Status

Fields in Trust works in partnership with landowners to protect land through a Deed of Dedication, a binding legal commitment with the landowner which secures spaces in perpetuity for current and future generations to enjoy.

Parks are endangered, parks and green spaces are under threat from financial and development pressures and it is up to all of us to stem this cycle of disappearance and decline.

Fields in trust status can help protect our park - we want to get it!


Earth "bunn walls" (or Mounds!)

A grass mound like seen at many local public green spaces to keep vehicle trespass and invaders out.  

Another option is to extend the hedge rows.

As a temporary measure Croydon Council have placed large felled trees on the boundary. 


Mother Kittys Shaw - Management plan

Mother Kittys Shaw is ancient woodland but it needs a little help to be healthy and thrive.
Using a good plan and some solid work parties we hope to keep it at its best for future generations.

Park Bench.png


We have a mixed bunch of benches in poor disrepair - This is a something we intend to sort as soon as possible... then we can sit and think about what to do next.


Picnic Area

A few areas of the park could benefit from better provisions - the play park, outside the café or near the sports courts.

A place to meet, eat, work or just relax!

The one outside the café is often used for groups to congregate before sports!

table tennis table.jpg

Table tennis table

Donated as part of a sports drive by PING the table tennis company in 2015.

Many in the borough were sadly vandalised, ours was actually stolen in Lockdown 2020!

Many have asked where it went and miss it.... We tried and failed to get a damaged one from Croydon to restore.

Image by Gilles Desjardins


Sadly always closed and problematical due to vandals - this needs a solution!


Court 2 MUGA and Hedges

The hedge rows need to be cut back to make court two more open and less open to anti social behavior.

We would love to see a modern Multi Use games area be installed here.

Image by Arek Adeoye

Perimeter footpath

One step at a time, all weather usage for push chairs, wheelchairs and anyone looking for the perfect lap or winter walk with the kids.

This idea has come from lots of people contacting us!
(the playing field perimeter line is 1km! )
(since lockdown and the lack of grass cuts a natural one has been trodden!)

Keepers Corner.png

Wildlife trail

An engaging and educational wildlife trail around the park could be brilliant for all ages!

Wild Flowers


Replacing storm damaged trees, repairing hedge rows or just some jolly bright plants in places would spread some cheer!



Need some TLC... there used to be more - five a side too?

Image by Markus Spiske


Asked for a lot on our facebook questionnaire - who's the king of the castle!? 

Image by Noppadon Manadee

Water fountain

Often seen in parks and outdoor spaces and mentioned by many using the park for fitness.


Water play area

This is another one that people have said they would love to see in Coulsdon

Wooden Fence

Puppy training area

Identified as something that the area is lacking - if you know of somewhere locally ideal let us know!


Community Garden & Sensory area

One idea for some of the more "lost" corners of the parks - (a fab one is being organised behind Coulsdon Library - The Hive!)


Fencing repairs

One for Croydon Council but we need to report it - if its the antisocial behaviors on the edge of Mother Kittys Shaw or the perimeter fence we need to report report report!
This is mentioned regularly by neighbours of the park!

Image by Jamie Street

Lighting in certain areas

We aren't thinking Wembley flood lights - but a lamppost or two might not go a miss, or a security light in a key place perhaps? let us know your ideas!

Image by Michał Jakubowski


Some Croydon Parks are covered by CCTV - would it make our space a safer place?

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